What Prairies Need Now

Needed preservation and reconstruction steps.

Obviously history cannot rewind and revert the prairie to what it once was. However, there are key steps that can and must be taken (and in many inspiring locales are being taken) to preserve and reconstruct what remains:

  • Every prairie remnant needs optimal management to protect its current biodiversity through controlling invasives and performing appropriate prescribed burns.
  • Seed collection and propagation should be conducted for rare and threatened species.
  • Reseeding of missing species should be performed in lower quality remnants.
  • Reconstruction of cultivated lands should be done whenever feasible.

There is a large literature and many active groups involved in ecological restoration work; the Society for Ecological Restoration not surprisingly is one of the chief of these. All remnant prairie landowners and managers should join and become active in this and associated groups.

Created: October 18, 2008 17:24
Last updated: May 26, 2019 17:03


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