Major Updates to Remnant Prairies Web Site!

01 February 2010 - 23:16

We’re in the process of making some major updates to the Remnant Prairies web site. In addition to the new focus and look, we’ve substantially updated our online tools.

Things are still in flux — note the “beta” flag in our logo — so please be patient as we work things through. We plan to

  • expand and revise the documentation on the site — which is mostly just stubbed out at this point
  • add illustrated tutorials about use of our online tools
  • fix whatever other problems show up

We’ve tested the site with most flavors of browsers, including the old and highly problematic versions of Internet Explorer (6 and 7). IE renders the site acceptably, but things look as we intend them to look when you use a proper browser — Firefox, Safari, or Camino.

We’re committed to making the site as useful and appealing as possible. Please email us with any suggestions, problems, or other feedback. Thanks!


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