About Remnant Prairies

Remnant Prairies offers innovative web tools that enable landowners, managers, and botanists to assess and document the status of their lands and to organize and empower their restoration efforts.

Remnant Prairies’ real-time database solutions merge findings from many small parcels to provide unique ecological understanding of the remaining prairie and to foster the community of those who seek to preserve this threatened resource.

Remnant Prairies is an exploratory web site seeking to see how innovative data management tools might assist the monitoring, preservation, and restoration of the fragmented parcels that are all that’s left of the immense prairie that once stretched across the center of the United States.

History and Background

Remnant Prairies began as a “community web site” created by its principal developer, Stan Kaufman, for use by his family while managing their prairie in Kansas. Gradually he has added tools for conducting ecological assessment to the basic platform, and eventually suggestions from other prairie advocates led to the site’s current capabilities. Find out more about this evolution here.

Current Web Site Features

Remnant Prairies combines a variety of capabilities of use to people managing prairies — Geographical Information System (GIS) tools to define locations and regions of interest within locations; an exhaustive plant database; and tools to perform serial Floristic Quality Assessments (FQAs) of prairies. Read more about these features here.

Conditions of Use

Remnant Prairies is at this point free for use by interested people — certainly while we figure out to what degree this site will find interest and use amongst prairie people out there. There is no formal organization behind the site at this point, but if this experiment proves to have legs, it may prove beneficial to create a non-profit organization that could accept tax-deductible donations to underwrite the operation of the site. If there proves to be any commercial value to the site, we may go in that direction as well — supporting the free use by small landowners and groups through corporate use. In any event, the fine-print version of the current conditions of use — such as it is — is here.

Signing Up and Logging In

Remnant Prairies requires users to sign-up and login, much as any other nontrivial web site these days. The processes are simple and straightforward. A detailed FAQ about all of this is here.