Welcome to Remnant Prairies!

Remnant Prairies offers innovative web tools that enable landowners, managers, and botanists to assess and document the status of their lands and to organize and empower their restoration efforts.

Remnant Prairies’ real-time database solutions merge findings from many small parcels to provide unique ecological understanding of the remaining prairie and to foster the community of those who seek to preserve this threatened resource.

Prairie Floristic Quality Assessment

Remnant Prairies has developed a simple and elegant online system for tracking Floristic Quality Assessments (FQAs) that is easy to use, leverages the vast USDA NRCS plant database and GIS capabilities of Google Maps, tracks serial studies over time, and generates collective results from all participating sites. Read more about how we do this!

Plant Database

Remnant Prairies has developed a searchable, enhanced version of the USDA NRCS plant database augmented with local Coefficients of Convervatism values, automatic links to Google searches images, and maps of reported locations from participating sites. Have a look!

Location Database

Remnant Prairies offers innovative Geographical Information System (GIS) tools built on the Google Maps API to map locations and annotate them with two-dimensional regions-of-interest, lines, and point markers for use in FQA studies and other land management tasks — as well as collective data analyses from all participating sites in the Remnant Prairies system. Check it out!


Remnant Prairies provides a variety of web tools to foster collaboration amongst those working to protect and preserve the prairies: a database of other prairie-related organizations and working-group areas where members can communicate via forums, share documents, images and data, and manage meetings, conference calls, and trips.

Explore and Use

Please review the features of Remnant Prairies in more detail! Registered users can create and manage public locations. We can set up groups for individuals, families, clubs, plant societies, and other entities. If you’re a professional organization, ecological consulting firm, government agency, or other potential sponsor, we certainly want to hear from you as well!

Please email us if you’re interested in what we’re trying to do at Remnant Prairies! We’re still refining what we do here and how we do it, so we really appreciate your feedback and suggestions! Thanks!