Research Plot 1 FQAs


Research Plot 1 is a Region of 13.1 acres.

This area has no specific importance other than it is a representative Region that can be defined at a location. Regions can be used to outline areas of interest generally or to define an area for which floristic quality assessment (FQA) studies are done.

Feel free to modify the boundaries of this region and to add new FQAs. You do this on the main Konza Prairie location page.

Floristic Quality Assessments

Floristic Quality Assessments (FQAs) are calculations of how "good" an area of prairie is based on the species found in that area at a particular time. Here is a summary of the studies done to date for Research Plot 1 in Konza Prairie.

View each individual study for more details and a printer-friendly version.

These data are calculated from Kansas coefficient of conservatism data.

Study Total Species Native Species Percent Adventive Mean Conservatism (All) Mean Conservatism (Native) FQI (All) FQI (Native) State Rare Species
July 2005 10 10 0.00 6.50 6.50 20.55 20.55 5
June 2006 9 9 0.00 4.89 4.89 14.67 14.67 2
plot 44 1 0 100.00 0.00 n/a 0.00 n/a 0