Using Groups

The “Groups” system within the Remnant Prairies web site are probably the most powerful and useful of the tools we have. They constitute areas where only members of a group can share information and communicate — including managing their own Locations, FQAs, etc.

Getting to Groups

Logged-in users of the Remnant Prairies web site will see the list of groups to which they belong (if any) in the Groups panel of their personal Workspace page — always a quick click away via the link (_Your Name’s Workspace) at the top right part of each page. Simply click the name of the group to go to its main page.

At this point, the only way to become a member of a group is for an administrator to put you into a group. Email us if you want to be in a group or want to start a group, and we’ll discuss this with you.

Group Tools

There are a number of different tools that groups can use:

  • Forums — for discussion of issues; each post is automatically emailed to every group member
  • Events — a group can maintain its own schedule of trips, conference calls, or other meetings
  • Documents — upload and download files of various sorts, including version tracking features
  • More Information — pages (like this one) editable for static information
  • Subgroups — useful for functions that only some group members should access
  • Images — an image gallery
  • New Content — an automated search for new content within the group during various intervals
  • News — essentially a blog function
  • Admin — access to higher-level administrative tasks; most people will not have any such superpowers

Created: February 02, 2010 23:41
Last updated: February 03, 2010 22:27


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