Grant Bradbury Prairie

This is the primary place you can manage this location, Grant Bradbury Prairie. You can add, resize, and move "georegions" in the map — annotations representing real spaces of interest at the location. Each georegion can hold other information — descriptions and, more importantly in the case of area/regions, floristic quality assessments. You manage georegion details via their own pages, linked to beside the map. The Comments section here and on every georegion's page allows you and your colleagues to discuss issues related to what you're doing there.

Please see the "More Information" section below for detailed instructions and explanations!

Summary Information


This is a virgin tract of prairie owned by the city of Topeka.

FQA Information


This publicly-accessible location contains real georegions with real data. You can review the georegions and data for this location but you cannot edit them.


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