Konza Prairie Georegions


The Konza Prairie has 6 georegions.

The Konza Prairie Biological Station is a project of Kansas State University. It has no connection to the Remnant Prairies Association, other than we are big fans of the work at the Konza. We use it here just to illustrate the GIS-lite features of our web site along with its capabilities for managing FQA studies.


Here are the georegions defined for Konza Prairie.

Title Type Dimensions Description Studies
Opuntia fragilis Marker n/a (none) n/a
Prairie Dog Hill Marker n/a Where the prairie dogs live. n/a
Research Plot 1 Region 13.1 acres This area has no specific importance other than it is a representative Region that can be defined at a location. Regions can be used to outline areas of interest generally or to define an area for which floristic quality assessment (FQA) studies are done.

Feel free to modify the boundaries of this region and to add new FQAs. You do this on the main Konza Prairie location page.

3 FQAs
testing Region 86.1 acres (none) 64 FQAs
Eastern Draw Line 2407.5 feet This defines an important boundary. n/a
Green Line Line 4294.7 feet (none) n/a